Northern BC

13 Farmers' Markets

From misty Haida Gwaii, to the Skeena River, volcanic valleys, glacial lakes and snowy mountains—enjoy the view of each market you visit.

Each farmers’ market is a reflection of its location, offering unique products from birch syrup and haskap berries, to candied salmon, and wild mushrooms. Visit the 12 farmers’ markets in the region, and while you’re there, fill up your bag with freshly harvested greens, flavourful preserves, heritage grains, and fresh baked bread.

This vast region of Northern British Columbia extends up to the Yukon/Alaska border with sweeping glaciated valleys, volcanic rock formations, towering mountain ranges and mist-shrouded coast. Northern BC is also home to the ancient Great Bear Rainforest, and the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

What’s in Season in Northern BC


Known for its health benefits and delicious kick, garlic has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Fresh, local garlic is sure to add zest to your meals whether it’s a fresh pesto, salad dressing, or summer marinade.

What's fresh in this region?
Asparagus, garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, rhubarb, spinach 

Farmers' Markets

Northern BC Farmers' Markets